Sassy Salon Owners

73% of business owners feel lonely while running their business.

Research by Ultimate Finance

Salon Owners, we see you!
We are you.

Power Hour, Coaching & Mentoring Support.

£120 + VAT

Hi, I’m Laura. I have over 20 years of experience in running salons and academies.

I understand that being a Salon Owner is hard, and sometimes it can feel like it is just you against the world. But you are not alone; sometimes, all it takes is having the support of someone who has also been through it.

Before our Power Hour, I will send you a list of questions to complete to gain a good understanding of your needs. Answer these questions honestly, and definitely don’t overthink it.

During our Power Hour, we will work towards your ideal outcomes. Please be assured that the Power Hour is a no judgement, complete confidence space where you can be you.

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